It’s baaaaacccckkkk….the Holiday season…..in full disclosure, I ate my body-weight in chocolate for Halloween (anyone else willing to confess here?) …..and, am normally looking at a few months of yummy treats until we slide into Easter.

So, this year I am trying a “reset” plant-based week-long reFRESH plan. Have you heard about this? I start on Monday, November 11 and continue through the following Friday. The program is the brainchild of Sarah Wragge and Erin Parekh. I received this little note (below) from Sarah last week. And, she is RIGHT! Nothing beats feeling good. period.

“Feeling good is everything. When you feel good, you show up the way you want to, you’re a better person and you attract the people, opportunities and possibilities that you want. BUT- Sometimes life gets in the way of us making that “feel good feeling” a priority.

So… let’s make a game plan.

With the holiday season right around the corner – hit the pause button NOW and reFRESH with me for 5 days.

Together we will set the tone for all of the festivities ahead by focusing on eating clean, whole, nutrient dense meals for 5 days straight. I promise you simple recipes, 24/7 support and big jeans by friday 🙂 You can schedule a 1:1 coaching session too if you’d like! 

Wouldn’t it be fun to go INTO the holidays ready, set and reFRESHED?”

This program is offered a couple of times each year…if are interested in hitting your own “reset”, reach out to either of these gals and sign up!

I’ll be giving updates on my “reset” this week and let you know my favorites (meals and snacks) and my “not so’s ” if there are any! So check in on the blog and on instagram @rosanna_jenkins_inc for updates. I guess this means I have to toss the last 4 lb bag of goodies, right?! Or, maybe just melt down and apply to my body directly……..

One last detail I wanted to share….the items on the Shopping List are easily found. I know this is NOT always the case when doing one of these detox programs…..I found everything at Amazon Fresh WITHOUT having to ask someone what it was!!!!!

Eat Well and Age Backwards!

xoxo, Rosanna
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