I think by now, you might know these two little details about me. I am in love with Paris and great wine!  I can be breathless in Paris at just about time and in any season.  We spent several 100 degree days with our family this year and savored every. single.minute.  The Good Doctor and I had one of our more memorable times spending the New Year Holiday in Paris with some fun friends.  SPOILER ALERT: They got engaged on that trip! And, we managed to get our “love locks” on the bridge before they fell into the water (the love locks are really ordinary little locks one buys in Paris – you write your names on it and LOCK it on the bride railing…you then toss the key into the water for luck) I love having getting recommendations from eateries as we travel. And, finding a great wine that I’ve not heard about is just plain fun.  Our visit to Mendoza this year really opened our eyes to Argentina’s great wines (I am fairly certain that I consumed about 4 vineyards worth of this heavenly liquid).  Plus, I go to great lengths to find any Turley wine! It’s a small, female-run vineyard in California and can be a bit challenging to find…..

Paris is one of those places where there are a multitude of wonderful small “finds”.  Think great neighborhood bistros or a small café in an out-of-the-way spot.  I recently came across a BBC article about Wineries within the city of Paris.   Who knew??? Did you know that Paris is home to 10 small wineries?  They are found in Montmarte, along the Seine and tucked away in a corner of some City Parks.

Tours are available for a few weeks in autumn but the Wineries are usually not open to the public. Again, always ask your Concierge….they have amazing contacts and can often get these kinds of things arranged for you.

Due to some French laws that are far above my pay grade, the wines are not for sale to the public but are sold through Charity Auctions.  These Vineyards produce very small amounts of their wines – ranging from 100 bottles to around 300 bottles.

Start planning now for your next Paris vacay and, take a peek at some of these small wineries hidden throughout the City!  Classic Travel can help you plan your stay – find them here:  Please Cut and Paste this link into your browser     Did you know about these small Paris Wineries?  You can find the full article here:

xoxo, Rosanna
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