If you’re like me, the holidays are always a great excuse to “relax” a bit when it comes to eating well. Whether you are a die hard “paleo” eater or a rabid “vegan”, putting increased calories into our body causes us to gain a pound or two. I like to blame it on the festive “toasts” with wine or champagne…..but, the reality of calories is………calories, whether alcohol or food are the same (ok, those cute foo-foo drinks are super high in sugar…but, they DO have that cute monkey, right?) so, even if you have a glass of wine with dinner as long as you keep the count on track you are good to go. Is that a teeny little smile I see forming now that I shared that detail? Me too!

Less calories = weight loss or maintenance. And, it’s not just about looking great in all of those photos either. I don’t know about you….I feel slow and sluggish after overdoing it. Then, the guilt sets in and the vicious cycle begins.

So before we spiral into the abyss of “restricting” our foods, let me share something I learned this last weekend while listening to a podcast (I often listen to podcasts while running or working out…..it distracts me and time ticks right by while I am learning:)

Jordan Sayat feels that the reason we tend to fail with our New Year’s eating rezzie is that we panic and become overly restrictive about foods we like. This results in our doing nothing but thinking about all of those things we LOVE to eat but limit cuz we goofed up and ate too much with friends and family. You start out strong and then decide “what the heck…this is too frustrating…” and fall off of the cart. You begin again…..and guess what happens?!

His answer is stunning in it’s simplicity….“Stop overly restricting and you’ll stop going off track so much.” PERIOD. He is SO annoying in his accuracy rate with these things!

You are ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to fail in your quest to eat well and healthfully if you focus on what you CANNOT have…..try to adhere to your “mission” 80% of the time. Love yourself enough to be a teeny bit flexible…..

xoxo, Rosanna
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