My mornings these days are key to a productive day. In the old days, I would wake early hoping to get time to jot down some goals, review my calendar and guzzle a protein shake. Then, all heck would break loose…..the girls would wake up and the whirling dirvish of morning would begin.

Today, I find I’m up and reading “The Daily Stoic” around 6 am. I LOVE my lazy cups of coffee and time to think about how grateful I am for the life I have…

6:00 – 6:45 am:

Wake up. Throw open the shades or curtains! I must have light…..drink as much water (on my nightstand) as I can get down before my feet hit the ground (this new behavior by Sarah Wragge). Once up, I splash cold water on my face to refresh. Then downstairs to have that first cup of coffee (with our De-Bloat Inulin). If I’m feeling super relaxed, I’ll try to have some warm water and lemon first…..TBH, I’d rather have java!

**I know there are many out there who must get up and out of the house with kiddos…..whether you have 3 minutes or 3 hours….try to set a consistent routine. It really makes a difference in your day and productivity!

6:45 am:

Breakfast really depends on what I’m doing that day. If I have time, I may have Avocado Toast. If I’m running to meet a client, I may whip up a quick green shake or Quest Bar (my fave is the Raspberry White Chocolate). I do, on occasion, pick one up on the way to my meeting.

7:00 am:

I try to listen to one or two Podcasts. I am loving Ed Mylet, Gary Vee and Him and Her right now. So motivating! And, I find I pick up one or two super valuable tips from these pros.

7:45 am:

I like to try to hit the gym or get some sort of movement in prior to seeing clients. I find that if I put if off my day gets crazy and I end up working out late (not my favorite). I am just now trying the “lymphatic drainage” thing before my shower and out the door. Another amazing day!

What is your daily routine? Have you had time to create one yet?

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