Many of you have asked me how we manage to find such wonderful luxury hotels.  Often, its just dumb luck – one of us will come across an article or internet piece and share it.  The Good Doctor is then on it like a dog on a bone and will gather information.  We also subscribe to a plethora of blogs that regularly highlight incredible hotels and resorts.  One of our favorites is    Once we have zeroed in on a destination, it is time to do the research.

The Penninsula in Hong Kong

     The first stop is usually our favorite booking site Classic Travel – you can access it here    This is a Virtuoso travel site and, while not a discount site, it does give amazing add-ons.  Think late check-out, room upgrade when available, breakfast and a spa / food credit.  The rates are usually comparable to what is available on the hotel / resort website but also gives these benefits.  

We also consider the major and luxury hotel websites.  There is often a package that is being offered.  For example, we have found a package on the Peninsula Hong Kong website that in addition to breakfast also included a spa treatment plus an airport transfer – think Rolls Royce transfers!  Keep in mind that a Hilton or Marriott in many countries is often more luxurious than their counterparts in the States.  We had a memorable stay at the Athens Hilton – the roof top dining / lounge area looked out over the Acropolis.  If you have hotel points, you can sometimes find a great opportunity at many places.  When we took our family to Europe last summer, we used Marriott points for rooms at the St Pancras Hotel in London.

The Hilton Athens overlooking the Acropolis

     The Good Doctor also looks at what is available at  They carry a number of luxury hotels plus have a great rewards system.  You should also consider looking at some of the hotel aggregator sites – they check prices and deals at hundreds of other hotel sites.  Two of our favorites are and

How do you select your hotels? Do you have favorites?

Wander Until Found,

xoxo, Rosanna
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