Exercise You Can Do Without Thinking…

Checking out my neighbor’s landscape here in Vail

If you use social media at all you know that at any one time there are at least a dozen talented individuals teaching one exercise method or another online. It’s been a real life-saver during this challenging period of trying to keep some sort of daily routine and stay home. Right?

Well, for those who felt a little intimidated by some of the routines online, we have some exercise options that you can get done without changing clothing or pulling out the laptop. The American Heart Association suggests that we “move” for at least 30 minutes each day to stay in healthy shape.

WALK THE DOG: I walk HRH Dolce every morning. It’s often just the two of us and I think she loves the extra doting. It’s also a great way to get me away from my computer and off of the phone. The bonus here is that you get some time in the fresh air (it’s finally getting warmer here…..) and, you get a very happy fur baby!

CHOOSE THE STAIRS: Rather than standing patiently waiting for the elevator to come down, choose the stairs. Not only will you get in some great cardio but, you raise your heart rate too. The stairs are NEVER crowded.

CHORES: Turn off the Roomba and do some vacuuming or dusting. Add some music and crank it up!

GET YOUR VEGGIES: Yard work is always productive but, how about planting a garden this year. Missy K and I plant veggies every year and it’s so much fun to see whose plants win the competition (you know my group, right? I am sure you saw it coming). The bonus is you can make these fresh veggies into healthy meals and share them!

EXPLORE THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Grab a pal and take a walk around the neighborhood (I love doing this and I get some great planting ideas!) while you catch up (ok, and talk trash if necessary…). Again, cardio and oxygen flow are the bennies!

STAND UP: Be sure to take breaks from sitting during the day and simply stand up. It’s great for your posture, blood flow and burning calories. If I have a challenging day at work I like to set a timer so I don’t just work/sit the entire day.

These short bursts of activity are super easy to achieve and quickly add up to the suggested 150 minutes of physical activity per week we all need to keep our heart healthy!


PS. Leave a comment and let me know which activity you chose……stay healthy and keep aging backwards.

xoxo, Rosanna
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