Roughly 2 months into this quarantine business and I am going stir-crazy.  I have read so many books – some twice, completed my studies on Nutrition and Plant-Based Eating at Cornell, cooked waaaayyyyy too many new recipes and am learning a new language  – Buon Giorno.  The highlights of my day have become – what workout outfit will I wear, will we walk clockwise or counterclockwise around the lake, and what wine pairs with which clean glass (not to mention the daily Wine Pairing with Breakfast that has become a heated competition….totally normal, right?).  The Good Doctor, after 7 weeks, has learned that the proper response to any of my rants is “ would you like a glass of wine”.

Don’t even get me started on the COVID 10 – yes 10,!!! The alarming number of pounds I have allowed to creep onto my frame.  Yes, I do walk every day and do some running but the all-out “sweat and burn” routine just hasn’t materialized.  The saving grace is that my gym will be opening on 1 June, I can finally get myself back into fighting shape. Is there a wine for that??!!!

Last night as we were chatting on the Deck, I noticed that snow and rain were going to be heading into the Vail Valley for the weekend.  The idea of a Road Trip came up and within about 30 minutes the Good doctor and I had laid out a 7 day trip for the 2 of us plus HRH Dolce the Frenchie.  Research showed that hotels, restaurants, golf and Parks were all open just a few hours from here! Just the thought of “going somewhere” made us giddy. So……It’s Sunday about noon and the car is gassed and loaded with golf clubs, a couple changes of clothes, 2 coolers, enough junk food (we meant healthy snacks in a variety of colors) to last the day and our seemingly endless supply of masks.  The departure will have to wait until AFTER Tiger tees off in his match today. We are heading west and south.  We have a hotel (Pet Friendly, of course) reservation for our first night only and after that we will just wing it.  There are a couple of golf courses that we are dying to try and a National Park or 2 that we intend to see.  We each have a few books on our ipads, a couple of audio books that we will both enjoy and enough Andrea Bocelli (my latest Italian crush) music to last a lifetime.

Follow us on the blog and Instagram.  We’ll share our trouble-making and any arrests, JK…..testing to see if you were really reading this! Any ideas on where we are going?  The COVID 10 comes off starting 7 days from today. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my workout attempts…..they will all be available for either your use or a bit of amusement during this challenging COVID time.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Stay safe and Wander Until Found,

xoxo, Rosanna
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