It’s not hard to find workouts online or on practically any social media you look at these days. But, is the workout or routine you are committing to really helping you mentally?

Whatever it is you are doing right now to stay fit, ask yourself how it affects your body, mind (I’m talking about both your mental health and your interest levels….) as well as your heart (think: passion). If it doesn’t align with at least TWO of these elements, ditch it now! Just let it go.

I live in a couple of spots that are super fun to run in…..Denver and Vail, Colorado. I consider running my “zone time” and like to get at least 30 minutes per day in just enjoying the lake and watching people walk their cute dogs down by the water. I find it gives me some “glow” time now that my gyms are closed and, it helps me clear my mind. But, I was chatting with one of my running pals last week and she shared the most amazing thing……..

Lisa was running to socialize and get a little trash talk in here and there (as breathing permits:). But the result of her fun social time running was that her back and shins were killing her. She began to dread those meet up times. Definitely NOT worth it!

What she did was try hot yoga. After a week or two she shared that it gave her lots of energy, supported her mental health and made her smile. Success! So, those fabulous running shoes are going away for a while….

I think we all need to really think about our fitness/wellness choices. What REALLY works best for YOU right now? What changes do you need to make to integrate something new into your day?

Only YOU can decide what to make space for in your life….make sure it makes you SMILE!

Stay Motivated, Keep Moving!

xoxo, Rosanna
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