WOW! I have muscle there??

The Eliott Hotel in Boston – taking a run on Boston Marathon path.

Okay Corona Virus…….enough is enough! Just as I thought I couldn’t take one more Channel 9 News count of things closed and illness updates….another little “issue” pops up….

What kind of shape am I in after nearly three months of “trips to the fridge” cardio? Well, waking up this morning feeling as though I’ve been hit by a truck was answer enough! NOTE: Research indicates that it takes just THREE weeks to lose your fitness level! That’s after working out regularly for long periods of time!!!! How unfair:(

By now, you know we don’t do all that well sitting in one place for a long period of time. Something about our wiring gets out of whack if we don’t move around a bit here. So, we picked up Missy K and headed to The Happy Place for a week of “Rocky Mountain High” fun and a 20 degree decrease in temperature! It was 95 in Denver when we fled.

The best part of this little jaunt is that Vail is a bit ahead (not too hard to figure out, right?) of Denver in it’s “opening” curve. Translation: Restaurants, shops, parks and gyms are open with “social distancing” spacing and super clean venues! Of course, I had to get right to the gym… really, I RAN down the street to the Racquet Club. I did get a weird look from Craig as I checked in …. his response…”we don’t usually get this kind of excitement about working out in here.” NOTE: It’s my personal feeling that with this quarantine thing dragging on, there will be huge numbers of women who’ve gained weight, not had their hair done AND have had ZERO mani/pedis coming his way. Enough said, right? Again, there were lots and lots of truly talented people offering workouts online during the quarantine period but, I just don’t do as well at getting the FULL workout done without having the “gym feel”. Did that happen to anyone else? Do you think its a “thing”?

The Happy Place II

Enough sitting around….I was off to the gym. I am now entering Day 4 of working out. It’s official, I’m down TWO pounds (remember when you could lose 2 lbs just skipping lunch?!! Again, back to that aging-thing!) I must mention that I have the amazing @GinaAlliotti to thank for her support (effective carb-cycling menus) and genius G-Fit App! If you don’t know her yet…..make it happen. You can thank me later!

It’s eye-opening to get through my cardio and lifting to find I may be paralyzed the next morning. Now, to be perfectly honest….there have been those days during “normal” weeks where I get a little, teeny bit competitive and try to outrun some 20 yr old next to me on the treadmill. But, this sort of starting all over with my daily routine is much different this time…. I’m NOT 35 or 45 or 55…..I am NOT going any farther here….you get my drift!

I guess I’m sharing….getting in shape is going to be different after the quarantine. It’s challenging and fun and sweaty. But, it does take a bit longer…..enjoy the process. Don’t make excuses and quit. You’ve got this! Just start doing something you REALLY love (walking with a pal, running, yoga) and be CONSISTENT. It will come back. We can do it together! I will be sharing my “getting back in shape” adventure every day on Instagram. If I can do it … so can you.

Put a heart on your calendar for everyday you meet your goal. Not only does it make you smile at the end of the month, but it is more motivating than you think in keeping things on track! This was Missy K’s idea and I LOVE it:)

Keep going, Keep doing, Keep moving!

xoxo, Rosanna
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