Bone Density for my 65th Birthday…..not exactly what I had in mind….

So, during my Annual Physical this year my physician suggested a Bone Density test. Being a HUGE believer in doing as few of these medical things as humanly possible…..I had ditched my last few opportunities (see what I did there? Sound like more fun there, right?) Well, my doctor sealed the deal by walking me to the front desk and watching me book my appointment. Oh, she of little faith:)

I had NO idea what to expect other than the list of “approved” clothing items I was to wear for the scan which I had been emailed. I called a few friends (you may notice a pattern here) to gather “intel”. The general consensus was that it was “quick and painless” and I should get it done!

I arrived at the office, submitted my forms and was walked back to the DEXA Scan Room. The pals were right. It was over in 10 minutes. But what hit me right between the eyes was the information I was given while being scanned. The scan begins with a “full body” once over. You are then strapped into a “box-like” thing with your feet attached to the sides to measure any “rotation” of your hips/legs. Easy Peasy.

I asked what the “standard” for comparison was……the technician calmly told me that my bone density was being measured against that of a skeleton in peak health…..namely, the bones of a 25 year old female! WHAT?!!! I laughed thinking she was kidding. How could ANYONE possibly get a “passing” density reading this way???? No small wonder ALL of my pals who’d had this scan were now on medications to strengthen their bones! The technician had absolutely NO response to my query. I was given a copied list of Proteins/Carbs and told to eat well and do resistance exercise……..and walked out to the front desk.

So, I went home and asked The Good Doctor for his thoughts on this scan AND, what he thought about the associated medications for treatment. We are NOT big on medications or unnecessary surgical procedures at any time, let alone for an elective bit of testing. He of course, made some calls…… appears that none of the experts he spoke with knew anything about this particular comparison (25 yo). At best, we heard varied ideas about both the comparative standards as well as treatment ideas. I began to do a little research.

Here is a link to the article:,your%20same%20sex%20and%20ethnicity.

Spoiler: My bone density came back great!!! But, they did suggest a medication as a preventative. I am not taking it.

As with everything involving your health consult your personal physician PERIOD. I am sharing an experience I found a bit confusing and wanted to share what I learned. I hope you find it helpful. I will say, my favorite thing about this test was the clothing…it was my new normal….a workout ensemble! No zippers, no snaps, no underwires, etc.

Take Care of Yourself AND always do your own research! You know your body best.

xoxo, Rosanna
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