For Father’s Day, the Santa Barbara clan gave The Good Doctor some Olive Oil from an Italian sustainable olive grove along with a certificate to adopt an Olive Tree.  I know that there are some healthy benefits to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil -EVOO- but was unsure as to what they exactly were.  The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest nutrition plans and, the prime source of fat is EVOO.  With a little research, I was able to get a better idea of exactly what those “bennies” were….

The first and most important are Polyphenols.  These are anti-oxidants that assist in reducing inflammation and assist in fighting age related diseases – think cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes (age onset diabetes). Also found in EVOO – Vitamin E – another antioxidant and Hydroxytyrosol which helps to protect the cells lining blood vessels.

Add to these benefits additional research by Dr. Steven Gundry indicating that healthy adults should be eating approximately 16 Tablespoons of this magical oil every.single.week. WOW! If you’ve ever listened to his Podcast, he preaches that ANY food we eat is merely a “vehicle” for transporting the oil into our bodies…..thoughts on that???

I was amazed at the number of truly scientific papers that have looked at the benefits of EVOO.  I wonder if eating lots of Italian food was a pre-requisite for the research. 

Here are a few links to abstracts of some papers:

     So, bottom line take away…..and, by the way I have ALWAYS known this one… healthy and enjoy your Italian food!  For more about adopting an Italian tree here   You actually get oil from your tree during next season!!! What a fun and super healthy gift idea, right?!

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