It’s That Time Again …

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Each year we take our granddaughter (aka Missy K) on a National Park road trip.  It’s a great way to see the US and also to hear about what she is doing in lessons, school and socially (this gets scary every once in a while….see earlier photo of her with BLUE hair!!). This year we are going to visit some Colorado Parks and then head into Utah via Arizona.  We are fortunate here in Colorado to have 4 Parks.  Rocky Mountain National Park (one of the earliest designated Parks) and Mesa Verde are quite well known while the other 2 have a relatively low numbers of visitors.  Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison are also amongst the newer National Parks.  Our plan is to visit 3 of these (we have been to Rocky Mountain) before going to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks.

Along the way we will also visit Monument Valley in northeast Arizona.  It is located on Navajo Tribal Lands and is a spectacular area of incredible landscapes that have been seen in multiple films.  From Zion we plan to head to one of our favorite places Moab UT, home of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse State Park.  Google maps has shown us that the quickest route from Zion to Moab is via St George UT so that means a slight detour for an IN n OUT burger run!

Follow our travels on Instagram over the next 2 weeks and see how we adapt this road trip during COVID times.  We have plenty of masks (is this part almost over????) and road trip food i.e., junk food.  My challenge this year is that I am committing to a 3-month “Be the best version of me” program with Gina Aliotti (her APP G-FIT is just amazing and super easy to follow) to see just how well this 65 year old body will respond to one of her eating/training regimes (if you see a photo of me lying perfectly still in basic black…’ll know it didn’t go as planned).  The workouts will not be a problem as every hotel we have chosen has a fitness center along with a pool.  My ace-in-the-hole here is that Gina has competed professionally for more than 20 years and has limitless ideas for foods, menus and “cheat tips” to keep me eating well and still enjoying the road trip concept!

How many of our parks nationwide have you visited with your family? Do you “road trip” or, fly into your destinations? How many In-n-Out stops do you allow per trip? Ours are a bit over zealous!!!!

Wander Until Found and Stay Cool,

xoxo, Rosanna
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