STANDING in the “oil” aisle at the market can be somewhat confusing. Which Olive Oil is best? What is “first press”? What is “cold” press? Are they all the same?

We reached out to Nudo Olive Oil Farm for some quick, down and dirty tips on selecting oils and knowing which level of quality you are buying.

Extra virgin olive oil from the first cold press is the highest quality olive oil you can get. No exceptions. ⁠⁠The term ‘first cold press’ refers to the way the oil is produced in the mill, but what exactly does it mean?
The ‘first’ in the term refers to there being only one press of the olives in the mill to produce the oil. The majority of the oil from the olive is extracted in this first press. However, some producers may do a second or even third press of the pomace, the crushed olive paste, to get every last drop. They may get more oil but of substancially lower quality. Nudo’s olives are never, ever pressed more than once. In fact, the pomace from our press is used for fuel and land fertilizer in line with our sustainable practices where is it being prepared to be take away. 

The ‘cold press’ is the authentic method of producing extra virgin olive oil where only mechanical force is used to extract the oil from the fruit. This is done by malaxation; the olives are crushed and churned to release the oil from the flesh. Using heat can extract more oil, but it is also one of the key aspects that degrades olive oil so the quality will be much lower and in fact unlikely to be extra virgin at this stage. All Nudo extra virgin olive oils are first cold pressed from olives picked and pressed the same day meaning they are as fresh and as high a quality as you can get. 
Sharing a little Venice with you because we ARE talking about Italian Olive Oil, right?

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