Recently, there have been a number of blogs and newspaper articles about how to prepare for a road trip.  One had a suggestion for visiting the 48 contiguous State Capitals – about 13,000 miles in 9 days.  That’s almost 1500 miles in a day – too much – especially with “littles”!!  Most of these give a ton of advice on how to prepare, what exactly should be placed in which spot in the car, what and when to eat, etc.  Frankly, I was exhausted after reading these and almost vowed not to take a road trip again.  If you have been following our site for a hot minute, you know that…….

The Good Doctor and I are no strangers to both short and long trips.  Here is my advice on how to accomplish a great trip with minimal hassle. First, USE COMMON SENSE.  Sounds simple right but this little tidbit will carry you through almost every obstacle you will encounter.

Limit your driving to 6 hours or less per day – change drivers every 2 hours or so.  Figure that if you plan on a 4 hour drive, it will take 5 hours. Ya know, pottie breaks….diet coke drive throughs….

The passenger controls the music selections and all stops.

If there are children involved, the hotel MUST have a swimming pool.  And, for me a fitness center and wifi. It’s a matter of survival after a long, hot drive to your next destination.

Junk food is a necessity (and, a food group) – you don’t have to eat all of it but it should be packed where it is easily accessible. We like to keep it handy in a separate bag…….it keeps the kiddos in their seat belts……

Plan out the trip especially the first few stops and have room reservations made. 2020 has been such a STRANGE year….we’ve seen hotels completely booked in the middle of the week in a spot we didn’t expect to see anyone at all! Just know things are “wonky” and prepare.

The last day is always the worst – everybody is tired and a bit grumpy.  Plan for it….it’s happening.

Wander until Found … stay safe … and enjoy the family time!

MOST HOTELS HAVE AMAZING FITNESS CENTERS…… A must for me when we travel!
xoxo, Rosanna
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