If you follow us at all you know that we just returned from a two week National Park Road Trip with Missy K. We do this every year with her and it’s just a special time.

So, you’re thinking “what could happen?” Rosanna has time with her granddaughter….

Well, with our new and exciting “Masks are Mandatory” everywhere plan, it seems our already “wilting in Summer” skin needs some TLC…anyone else having the same experience? So, after using products that I love while traveling in 104 degree temperatures AND wearing a mask, I decided to compile my MUST HAVE MASTER LIST for Summer Products.

I LOVE using my Jade Facial Roller to de-puff and cool off every morning. This happens BEFORE my coffee which says alot, right?! I leave it in the freezer overnight…..it just makes me smile. And, I believe I’ve caught The Good Doctor sneaking it a couple of times!

Once I’ve “rolled” I like to apply under eye gels which are cool and super soothing in the heat. Again, I love to put these in the fridge in Summer. I love Erno Lazlo’s version. I’ve linked similar ones here that are more affordable. Who doesn’t love that when it comes to skincare?

I found that some of my Cleansers were too heavy in the heat. I love Caudelie’s Foaming Cleanser and Skinceuticals Glycolic Wash. Both foam up and leave skin soft and clean. Feels great after a day in the sun.

Because the sun was relentless, Elta MD Sunscreen was my sunscreen of choice…. it’s light and soaks right in so no “slimy” feel.

I tend to use a line of products for a while and then change off….do you guys do that? Maybe as the seasons change? Anyway, these are my new faves for summer/hot weather.

xoxo, Rosanna
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