2 NEW Covid-19 Discoveries

IF YOU saw out Instagram today, the topic was trying to absorb more Vitamin D by spending just 20 minutes a day outside in the sunshine without sunscreen.

I heard gasps….without Sunscreen?!

Yes. While large periods of time in the sun can cause damage, small regular doses are very healing. Do you realize that we store Vitamin in our bodies and use it as needed? So, some of that fabulous warmth from the summer can be used in winter when the sun is not so available.

And, for those suffering from MS, there is proof that the light is quite healing and helps with their overall feeling of wellness.

As to Covid 19….the jury is still out. It’s still a bit too new to make any big decision as to effectiveness of supplements. While a recent report (published in Journal of Endocrinological Investigation) found that an association between Vitamin D deficiency and higher mortality risks from Covid-19 among patients in Italy.

Vitamin D does appear to be gaining traction among scientists studying Covid-19. Vitamin D is a hormone our bodies make when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin. Many associate Vitamin D with bone density. But, it is equally important in our immune system. In countries where Vitamin D is deficient, a higher incidence of Covid-19 is found.

TAKEAWAY: Most of our population is deficient in Vitamin D. To check yours, ask your physician to do a blood test. Treatment can be suggested by your medical professional.

Stay Healthy…..Hydrate….Exercise…

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