You MUST do this before bed


I KNOW….it’s the one topic that comes up again and again. SLEEP.

Do you get enough? How much do you really need?

What would give to get a regular dose of a “good night’s sleep?”  The amount of sleep that we need varies considerably.  I have friends who get by with 4-5 hours every night and feel great.  Personally, I’d look like a member of the cast of THE ZOMBIES – I need a full 7-8 hours in order to function.  Just as important as the amount of sleep is the quality of your sleep.  I have had nights when I did get my 7-8 hours but they were very restless and not a “good or restful” sleep. You know what I mean…it’s that tossing/turning cannot turn it off version!

I recently came across this article by Aimee McNew I thought you might get some benefit out of… discusses things that can disrupt your sleep and how they can be handled.  These included the usual suspects i.e., too much alcohol or caffeine prior to going to bed.  Enjoying a glass or two too close to bedtime and you fall asleep quickly but, often wake up within hours. It also touches on how stress and anxiety can lead to a restless night.  You can find the complete article here  Just copy and paste the link into your browser to read.

What keeps YOU from sleeping soundly? Kids? Job? Travel?

Snooze on my friends!

xoxo, Rosanna
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