If you’ve followed me for more than just a hot minute, you know that we love to fly.

And, we love go just about anywhere…

Anytime…..Anyplace….which is something I think we are ALL missing these days! So, we are trying to stay on top of any development that has to do with travel.

One of my favorite spots……

In the last few days, the 3 Legacy US carriers – UA, AA, DL – have all announced that they are dropping change fees.  Southwest has never charged a change fee.  Each of them has different rules, restrictions of course but the bottom line is that they are all hurting – including their employees – and need to attract customers.  These are multi-billion dollar charges that they are giving up…

Before you jump at this incredible opportunity, please keep a few things in mind.  

I really wrecked that for you, didn’t I? Well…

Flying has changed and there is nothing to indicate that it will return to “normal” in the near future.  Here are some things to consider before you purchase any tickets.

First, where are you going to go?  

Domestic flights are up and running, but many states have restrictions and mandatory quarantines for visitors, particularly if you are coming from a state that has seen a recent surge in Covid cases.  

Hawaii imposes a mandatory 14 day quarantine on all visitors – it now says until October 1 but this has been a rolling date.  New York is also restricting visitors as is Maine.  

Looking forward to an International trip (aren’t we all)? You have very few places that will let you in.  Other than Mexico and the Caribbean there are not many countries that will allow US visitors.  The EU and Canada are a big nada.

Second, be prepared to wear that mask from the minute you enter your departure airport until you exit the arrival airport.  This includes while on your flight.  Don’t even think about trying to refuse to wear a mask on your flight – the airlines will escort you off the flight and have been known to divert flights in order to rid themselves of non-compliers.  Children over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask. 

Third, many hotels and resorts do not have restaurants or bars open.  A few states still do not allow inside dining.  Services are often restricted yet, prices have not seen a compensatory decline.

The takeaway here is…

As fabulous as travel has been changed by this pandemic. Our own travel has been limited to road trips and a few jaunts to Jackson Hole or other domestic spots.

I’d love to hear from those of you who travel regularly if you know of changes …

Stay Healthy, Stay Curious and Wander Until Found,

xoxo, Rosanna
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