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SO, this year with all of it’s just plain “awful-ness”, we decided the fam was in need of some POSITIVE vibes! What could be better than getting our fam together in Vail for a few weeks?

So, I’m sharing some of our fave moments and things about Vail and our family.

This first video is our version of “apres ski” when Missy K is in town.

Typically something super healthy (read: Blue Moose Pizza) and a glass of Champagne from the Gelato shop on the other side of the rink for the adults!

Today, a surprise!

We didn’t realize that there was to be an exhibition later in the week and skaters from all over the world were in town (Vail) for practice before the event!

This skater (in all black….super coolness factor), spent at least the two hours we were there gliding around the rink for those of us who couldn’t even get skates on…..looking effortless.

Okay, just to be perfectly transparent, I too took an embarrassing amount of ice skating lessons AND had my haircut like Dorothy Hamil’s back in the day….

Anyone else??!!! Come on….I promise, NO judgement.


THE “dressed” trees of Vail. Every year…..even with the pandemic this year….. Vail chooses a theme and dresses their trees in lights.

The theme this year…..a blaze of yellow-white inside and branches of orangey-red on the outside. The effect is stunning.

Missy K and I at the top of 26.


  1. The Mountain. Vail is 3rd in skiable terrain behind Park City and Big Sky. It has something for everyone. From the bowls to the Black Diamonds…
  2. Getting the “golden” gondola at Gondola One.
  3. Apres-Ski with Phil at The Chop House…every.Wednesday through Saturday.
  4. Oysters and Champagne in the sun. Sporting “Helmut hair”, of course.
  5. Sleigh ride from the Ritz Carlton to Zack’s Cabin under the stars.
  6. Heated Boots. How did we ski all day before these??!! PS. Perfectly fitted by Matt at Double Diamond.
  7. Riva Ridge Run from top to bottom without stopping:). Did I mention it’s perfectly groomed too??
  8. Champagne and Gelato at Rimini by the Skate Rink.
  9. First Tracks and breakfast at The Arabelle.
  10. Warming up with Haute Chocolate at the Four Season’s Remedy Bar.

Because you cannot stop at 10….

11. Taste of Vail’s Mountain Top Picnic, a knock-down, drag-out foodie extravaganza with yummy food from local chefs and delightful pours from boutique wineries.

12. Meeting at Chair 11….cuz ya can and there is never anyone there!

Follow us @newfaceof60 for our next dozen faves in Vail next week!

No room to mention crisp, Spring golf and it’s stunning views!


  1. themeredithproject.com – Amazing taste and design with non-stop humor.
  2. delaheart.com – Gigi is exotic and knows just what we all need for wellness and self-care!
  3. thisloudhouse.com – The cutest mom of 5 with flawless taste and great sense of humor!
Hiking the Mt Cook Glacier…..these guides were amazing and just a little “rowdy”!

Hoping 2021 is full of International Travel and Hugs again!

Stay well,

xoxo, Rosanna
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