Ever wonder how people keep those hardwood floors sparkling clean?

Me too.

I live in a home that was built more than 100 years ago.

I also have HRH Dolce, my Frenchie who, for a dog with ZERO fur leaves more hair on the floor than a sheepdog!

So, I have really young wood floors (thank you flood of 2019) and really old wood floors….and some that fall in-between. The older version has seen it all, they’ve seen disco bell-bottoms and skinny straight leg jeans. They’ve seen phones on the wall and wireless phones. They’ve seen updates and remodels and hybrid cars and iPads.

I grew up with hardwood floors and can remember twirling and sliding for hours on them (with my mother asking relentlessly for us to PLEASE stop)…and never really knew how they kept that deep, rich, clean look.

But today…..I know:)

I had seen all sorts of things used on blogs and internet searches….but this simple tip from the fabulous KariAnn did the trick. It was SO quick and easy that I forced my daughter to try it in her home the same day (personal note: my girls are so.very.tired. of listening to my “super great” new tips I learn while reading blogs…does that happen to you?) Another convert.

To Make:

1/8 C Dawn Dish Detergent (the blue kind)

1/8 C 20% White Vinegar (I get this kind)

HOT water

Mix together in mop bucket…..if it’s been a hot minute since you mopped, the water will be dark gray. Next time, not so much……keep going until you feel happy with the “feel” of your floor. When ya know ya know, right?!

I use this magical contraption to mop even the toughest dirt on my floors. And, it’s super easy to fill, move around and, store when you finish.

I want to be like my floors……125 years old and still shiny!

Keep Mopping and then have a glass of wine!

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xoxo, Rosanna
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