This super easy food hack soaks your body in a super-nutrient that not only blocks aging, but allows you to lose weight with less hassle!

I’m in, right?

What are we talking about EXACTLY?

Are there pills or powders involved?

Enough suspense…..let’s get into it!

The “hack” is in everyday ingredients you have right now …like kale, celery, berries, buckwheat, olive oil and cocoa.

Here’s the skinny … by eating foods listed above (there is an entire list of these clever foods), which are loaded with antioxidants, you activate the body’s production of special proteins called SIRTUINS.

Sirtuins get cues from your cells and nervous system to determine what your body needs, then they optimize your metabolism to match. You get a CUSTOMIZED slimming plan!

Initial testing of this miracle was done by two British scientists who wondered if by simply filling up on sirtfoods they could get around taking a pill to accomplish the same result. As you might imagine, there are several companies racing to create, test and approve sirtfoods in pill form.

Here is one more cool benefit from these foods – to fuel their own activity, they “burn waste in your cells that would otherwise cause faster aging and make you more vulnerable to disease…”. And, of course, more and more “junk” accumulates in our bodies as we age, so the cell-rejuvenating effect of sirtuins can be even more beneficial for those of us over 50. The top benefit is blood sugar. As we age and our bodies suffer normal wear-and-tear, our bodies have a harder time pulling the blood sugar up and burning it for energy. When we cannot get that done, blood sugar circulates in our blood, putting us at risk for diabetes, wrinkling skin and heart disease. The balance of it causes that awful “belly fat”.

Now, here’s the excitement:

A Tufts University study shows that active, middle-aged women given just one serving of sirtfoods a day (and some Matcha Green Tea) shed a lot more weight than those who were given a “water flavoring” drink during the day.

BOTTOM LINE: Sirtiuns destroy toxic junk piling up in our cells to help you burn fat faster and supercharge your energy!

Have YOU tried this diet yet? How did it work for you and your weight loss?

Keep Smiling and Keep Moving!

xoxo, Rosanna
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