Happy Monday!

If you’re like most of us, you’ve spent a night or two lying awake thinking about sleep.

One question…what did you eat this evening after dinner? It could be the problem!

It’s SO easy to grab those chips or sweets while binging through Lucifer on Netflix, right?

I hear about this everyday from clients who need help relaxing and falling asleep.

I sound like a broken record. You need to eat slow-digesting proteins and high-fiber foods to prevent the spikes in blood sugar that can (and will) keep you awake. Traditional junkie food, like cheese crackers with processed carbs are the culprit. When your body digests these foods, your blood sugar spikes and prevents you from falling asleep.

To that end, I developed a pure tasteless, easy-to-mix powder that can be used in ANYTHING! I like to use it in my morning coffee or tea. But, I have clients that use it all day long in teas, water or smoothies. You can even BAKE with it…our De-Bloat contains prebiotics and fiber which boosts your digestion and helps you get a happy gut AND sleep better.

De-Bloat is the ultimate late-night “good night”!

Try it today (be sure to start slowly – 1 tsp per day for first couple of weeks).

Those late-night snacks and sleep with thank you!

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There will NOT be another offer for this item and no extensions of this sale. Get yours now!

xo, Rosanna

xoxo, Rosanna
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