I’m going out on a limb here to say that I think most of us has dealt with a twinge or two over the years, right?

But, to suffer back pain daily is an entirely different animal.

I hear about this often from clients who want to integrate more movement into their lifestyle but, are limited due to nagging pain.

Well, here is something you may want to try.

And, it doesn’t involved some new drug.

According to the University of Pittsburgh, when people with back or neck pain took 1200 mg of fish oil daily for just 75 days, 60% of them reported significant pain reduction. At that point, many felt they could decrease or discontinue their use of pain medication.

As always, please chat with your medical professional before jumping into any sort of supplement regimen.

Keep Moving,

xo Rosanna

PS. I linked the Fish Oil I take daily (no, not a back pain sufferer but, it’s a great supplement for skin, cholesterol, etc) AND, the best thing about this oil is NO fishy-tasting burpy stuff! I love the Orange or Orange Creamsicle flavor!

xoxo, Rosanna
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