Are you suffering fatigue, weight gain, low energy and poor health?

What if I could share something that would boost metabolism and fire up your ability to burn fat!

Exciting, right?!

Well buckle up…it’s comin’ your way.

Columbia University has been conducting clinical trials on a “super herb” called Berberine. What they found was in a relatively short period of time (12 weeks) morbidly obese people could reverse their condition! And, that Berberine could also help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and more.

Berberine has long been used by healers and purveyors of wellness and health. It flew under the radar but, after a few of these positive clinical trials….it has exploded on to the scene.

According to Dr. Whitaker, who shares wellness advice on Healthy Directions, a daily dose of 1500 mg has been found to slash blood sugar by twice as much as the common diabetes medication. To take it farther…it can lower triglycerides by 35% and total cholesterol by 29%.

I think by now we’ve all heard that we should stay away from processed foods, right? But, why? Turns out that too much processed food damages our bodies making it harder and harder for the hormone insulin to get blood sugar – a type of fuel -into cells to produce energy. The result is a downward spiral into fatigue, weight gain and poor overall health. Berberine binds to cells and asks them to open up for blood sugar.

Another way this herb boosts burn: It turns on an enzyme called AMPK, a sort of metabolic switch. AMPK tells cells to gobble up all the fuel it can. Energy and metabolism soar, and fat loss increases by up to 600%.

I have not used this personally, but am going to try it. I don’t sell it or promote it but, love to learn about natural products that are useful to our group.

Have you tried this new Super Herb? How did it work for you? Do you have diabetes?

Stay healthy and keep moving,

xo. Rosanna

xoxo, Rosanna
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