WE hear a lot about it these days…but, what is it exactly?

How does it cause SO.MUCH.CONCERN.?

Well, Cortisol if basically your “fight or flight” hormone.

It responds nicely when we are young to cope with spikes in stress. Our “feel good” stuff jumps in to smooth things out and everyone is happy.

But, what happens to us as we age? Obviously, we’ve been out there a while and have called upon this hormone more than we wanted to….or, due to health issues, we’ve had more stress in our lives or, the kids or older relatives move back in with us…

Unmanaged stress in THE disease of our time.

When cortisol is called upon too often, we become less attentive to it – it’s no longer a perceived “danger”. And, we begin to run ragged. You no longer get the “hit” or “dose” of happiness you once got from an activity or thing that used to make you smile. You become lightly apathetic. Life becomes more or less a “flat line”.

You’ve burned through your adrenal supply.

Women in their 20’s are the ULTIMATE standard of coping hormones. And, during normal time, produce 15 to 25 mg of cortisol per day! Here comes the BIG news.

Women/Men aged 30 – 85 actually have HIGHER levels of cortisol – what?!

Extensive research finds that we actually have a 20% higher level of this stress hormone in later years. Studies indicate it’s caused by a higher satisfaction with life – a more relaxed attitude. Another factor, our bodies have a better resistance to cortisol.

So, what can we do to better manage our Cortisol levels?

STOP reviewing your emails before going to bed.

GET more sleep. This one is THE biggest problem! I get more DMs about sleep / nutrition.

DUMP the “negative Nancys” in your life.

CREATE better boundaries when dealing with others. Protect your energy.

READ and continue to learn.


TAKE up Yoga.

MEDITATE. I am the WORST at this one…..still trying to sit still.

You get the idea. Take time to be mindful about your self-care! As women we do this without thinking for everyone else. It’s YOUR turn.

As always.

Eat well & Wander until Found,

xoxo, Rosanna
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