Don’t know about you but, I certainly took some time this year to celebrate getting together with family and friends. That being said, I ended up eating and drinking a bit more than usual…..I hope you did too. We all deserved the gathering, laughing, eating, toasting and loving our “tribes” again!

So, as the morning arrived on January 1st, I decided to re-start my health & fitness journey.

Here is one of the more interesting things I’ve read in getting my focus in line:

According to numerous studies, as we age we experience a diminished ability to process certain minerals and vitamins essential to keeping our bones and bodies strong and resilient. This may not seem important as we put away our Christmas decor and get down to daily living again BUT, as someone who loves to ski (aka hurl down steep inclines in cute outfits by @upandwearsuits)… IS important that my bones be strong.

Can we prevent this progression? YES!

I hate to harp….but, your gut and it’s health have EVERYTHING to do with proper absorption of vitamins & minerals you need to keep your bones and muscles growing and strong as we age. Not really “aging” so much as “glowing”…

To help your body do it’s very best job and keep you growing, begin (or level up – start SLOWLY with just 1/4 tsp and increase over time) your intake of inulin-based pre-biotics (100% pure Jerusalum Artichoke De-Bloat fiber powder). “PRE-BIOTICS enhance magnesium absorption and inulin-based fibers exert chronic effects on calcium utilization in post-menopausal patients.” Read more:

xoxo, Rosanna
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