We’ve all seen countless versions of healthy juiced celery drinks.

But, did you know celery has lot of benefits for your body?

A few of those benefits are:

Celery (and celery seed) contain compounds that may lower blood pressure.

Research has shown an extract of celery in skin preparations repels mosquitos as effectively as 25%.

Celery is especially rich in the phytocompounds currently under study for preventing or treating several forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies, neurogenerative diseases, as well as improving learning and memory.

Alcohol extracts of celery seed may protect the liver from damaging substances.

Be sure to preserve its phytonutrients, refrigerate celery and use within a week or so of purchase or harvest, chop just before using, and steam lightly or roast rather than boil.

xoxo, Rosanna
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