WE talk about sugar consumption all.of.the.time.

But, do you have any idea what your “normal” blood sugar is???? Your kids??

Before we delve into that …. let’s see if you can relate to a day like this…

You’ve got the grand-littles for the week and they have school and lessons to get to so…

You wake the kiddos and actually have time for a change. This is what happens.

All are gathered around the table, so the kids had Honey Nut Cheerios, Skim milk and a banana sliced on top. You packed a lunch of Lunch-ables turkey and cheddar, Goldfish crackers and a juice box. The after-school snack was yogurt covered raisins and Gatorade. You had time to make dinner, so you made spaghetti with a side of garlic bread, salad with fat-free French dressing and skim milk for dinner and fat-free frozen yogurt for dessert! You think you did better today…but did you? That comes to a total of 86 teaspoons of sugar in the blood for the day.

Any guesses as to what a normal blood sugar level is? 1 cup? 2 cups? NO, 1 TEASPOON of sugar is a normal blood sugar! For everyone – babies, kiddos & adults. Blood sugar increases insulin and chronically elevated insulin is toxic to our bodies and cells. There are SO many kids diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, it could very well be too much sugar! Think about the number of kids on daily medications for something that could be fixed with a better diet.

Check out some of the sugar contents in our Instagram Stories today.

xoxo, Rosanna
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