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Just take a peek at the latest social media feed …

See how many involve a “diet” or “eating plan”?

It’s almost overwhelming and, for some with eating issues, it can trigger negative eating patterns.

What if we choose STRONG NOT SKINNY rather than focusing on how much we weigh? What could happen?

Now, I’m not being negative but, how do we deal with those “food pushers” who make us feel awful when we try to politely decline a dish?

No worries. I’ve got you covered with some actionable tips you can use to disarm these people the next time you’re at a celebration! And, there will be NO hurt feelings:)

If they say, ” Just take a won’t hurt.”

Answer, “A teeny bit of sugary food for me is like a little bit of alcohol to someone with an alcohol disorder.” “The longer I can go without sugar, the easier it is in the long run.”

If they say, “I made this just for you.”

Answer, “You are the best! I’ve always loved this dish. Why don’t you enjoy it and I’ll sit and chat with you.”

If they say, “You deserve a reward..just take a bite.”

Answer, “This way of eating has a lot of “positives”, and I feel so much better.”

Some “prepping” ideas to ready you for the meal or celebration:

Fill up with protein BEFORE you go.

Create a low-carb or sugar-free version of your Mother’s special dessert recipe.

Be sure to ASK for the foods you are eating.

Make your eating choices about staying healthy and feeling great – it’s awfully hard to make that negative for the food pushers!

Hang in there – I’m rooting for you from here!

xo, Rosanna

xoxo, Rosanna
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