I love bowls.

Just wanted to put it out there.

So, when a few friends asked me to shop for them while in Egypt, I said heck YES!

What did they want?


All sort of handmade, hand-painted pretty evil-eyed ceramic bowls! Ok, I did bring some pretty patterned ones too…you know, so they didn’t feel bad.

So, I couldn’t be happier to announce that we have a LIMITED number of these fabulous, hand made pieces of art available in our store. Right now…..

Another side to this circular happiness – everyone of these bowls is made by an artisan whose family has been creating these pieces of art for generations. And, everytime we buy them, it allows them to be paid a fair wage AND to keep passing the art down.

Bowls are high-heat tolerant, delicate but durable and safe in your dishwasher.

I use them for olive oils, salts, peppers, toppings (I think we’ve acknowledged my addiction for these…) or, you can toss your rings into them when using the sink. So. Many. Uses.


Take a minute and check them out!

Happy Travels – Wander until Found,

xo, Rosanna

xoxo, Rosanna
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