Do you remember that cartoon?

Popeye was always flexing his guns and promoting massive meals of spinach. Olive Oil thought he was dreamy!

Well, turns out they were both right.

Iron is not something I think about everyday. Do you? Seems so small next to thinking about the littles or our hearts.

But, iron’s job is to help red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body. Pretty important.

You can get it either by eating red meat, salmon, poultry, dried beans, and some fortified cereals (my very last nutrition choice).

If you’re over 50, you should aim for 8 mg a day.

I love to get mine by taking a tablespoon of Mary Ruth’s Vegan Berry Iron. Tastes great and works!

I have my bloodwork done every year at my annual exam. I know my numbers and can “feel” if something is off (usually…..).

Just in case your wondering what some of the signs might be for low iron, here they are:

Cold hands & feet

Hair loss

Extreme fatigue


Fast heartbeat

Brittle nails

Chest pains

Poor appetite

*this list from The Mayo Clinic

If any of these symptoms sound like you, get to your health care professional and find out what is causing them.

Stay healthy / Sweat hard / Eat well / Repeat

xoxo, Rosanna
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