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Any day I can stay in a snowsuit is a GOOD day for me!

If you’ve been here a while you know how much we love to ski.

You also know that the combined numbers (don’t I always ask him NOT to use actual numbers?!) totaling our ski years is SO BIG, I cannot even say it out loud.

Okay, so a couple of seasons ago this sweet, creative genius named Anastasia (from Ukraine) reached out with her amazing ski suit line. Of course, I took a peek….

These now fill my already bursting closet in Vail.

The quality of these suits rival any I’ve purchased from the big, well-known companies AND she is, it seems, always available to lend a hand if you have a question about fit or color. The fabrics are heavy – the details sooooo cute – the zippers super durable. Trust me, you want to have all of these just in case of a little fall… one needs to fall right under the chair lift and split the back seam! Right?

Anyway, I’ve kept track of her during the AWFUL Russian situation….she has two small kids and has had to abandon her home to keep them safe. She’s handled all of this AND managed to communicate with her clientele pretty regularly. She is my idol….do NOT know how she does it and sounds calm all the while.

She just reached out to me to share that she has managed to get more of her beautiful suits onto her Etsy site @UpWearAndSuits. If you ski or, know someone who does….please take a peek. I am here to help with questions since I am the very happy owner of ALL of her designs:). BTW, as a side note, she makes the super thick long underwear suits that I use to just slip into acres ski while sitting around the house. They come in white/black stitching or black/white stitching. Obsessed with them too.

Let me know which suits you end up with – they really are something!

Thanks in advance friends!

Rosanna xo

xoxo, Rosanna
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