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Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m addicted to TRAVEL.

Anyone who follows will vouch…

If I can be on a plane – I will be…




The ONLY thing I have a problem with is the food.

Anyone else?

I know the ultimate answer is to travel prepared.  I’ve read numerous blogs on it – written a few myself – and, somehow, there is that one day where you are on the brink of missing your flight…

No baggies of almonds, no slices of carrots, no @eatroyo rolls!  It’s happening…you must try to find something to eat on the long flight.

Have no fear – I’ve got a few ideas!

  1.  Ask for the “vegetarian” meal – every once in a while you can pre-order your meal or catch a sweet flight attendant and beg for this option.  They tend to serve rolls with it – so veer away from those and you are in pretty good shape.
  2. Eat “around” the less healthy stuff – these meals normally come with a small green salad.  Eat that first and see how you feel.  They often have “extra” salads in the galley – go for two if you need more.
  3. I usually have a protein bar or two in my carry on (aka Big Orange).  I love RX Bars, Tone it Up Bars or, KIND Minis.  Try for 8 g or less in the sugar department and add lots of water to stay full until you can find better eating options.
  4. Try to avoid alcohol while flying.  Okay….I know – it’s been captured on film….me toasting the adventure with Bubbles.  I admit it.  Lately, I’ve been trying to have icy flavored water or Sparkling Lemon or Lime water.  If all resolve fails, have ONE glass of Champagne.
  5. Carry your favorite tea bags (if you are a sensitive-tummy flyer, opt for peppermint or ginger tea) or Bone Marrow packets.  I’m not a huge tea drinker but, have tried the bone marrow option and love it! (I use this kind)
  6. Steer clear of beans, cruciferous veggies…..they can cause bloating and gas (great in close quarters, right?)
  7. Try to carry tangerines, bananas or other fruit wearing it’s skin – they are portable and filling.
  8. Order PROTEIN.  Sorry….more nagging here.  Don’t hesitate to scrape off any gooey sauces you are served.
  9. Feeling cramped and achy after a long flight?  Order Tonic & Lemon.  The tonic water will ease muscle cramping and these things are ALWAYS on the carts.
  10. Take your powdered magnesium on the flight.  This helps calm you and may let you get some much needed sleep on the long flight.
  11. Run from the chips – they put these out at night on the International flights…they guarantee huge bloat and dehydration.
  12. Ask for a mini version of the normal flight dinner or breakfast.  They are happy to do it for you and it may just keep you from overdoing.  Have your meal when YOU are hungry, NOT when they are scheduled to serve it!

I hope some/all of these are of help when you travel – let me know if you have some I don’t – always learning, right?!


xoxo, Rosanna
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