“Just hanging around channeling my inner couch potato…”

I heard that from a friend the other day and just couldn’t stop laughing.

Then, I noticed that she had stopped laughing and was staring in my direction.  She was perfectly SERIOUS.

Of course, when this type of thing happens, we go to lunch. IMMEDIATELY.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, my insanely talented, fast-moving friend shared that she was not sleeping, eating too much sugar AND feeling like a SLUG (if you could see how absolutely cute she is…..) all at the same for weeks now!

There were lots of stories about sugary coffee drinks and quick M & M fixes….

We decided on a formal evaluation and some serious, but small beginning tweaks to her current lifestyle/eating program.

But, I wanted to share a quick and easy list of HIGH-ENERGY FOODS FOR FATIGUE:

UNPROCESSED FOODS – This category ALWAYS makes the list…try to toss all of the “packaged” foods out of your snack drawer at the office.  And, while you’re at it – clean out the pantry or “sneak” draw at home too.

ADD SUMMER FRUITS –  I LOVE summer fruit.  Add them and forget about the “bananas have SO.MUCH.SUGAR.” crap…..

EAT YOUR “LEANS & GREENS” –  This is super easy and actionable for any meal.  Pick a palm-sized protein (chicken, eggs, beef, tuna, etc.) and pair it with some greens (go crazy – pile ’em up).

DITCH THE CAFFEINE – Now, as you know if you’ve been here more than a hot minute…I am obsessed with super steamy, rich coffee.  PERIOD.  But, if you drink it all day long your sleep may suffer.   NOTE:  I do use this for a quick energy hit before the gym…

NUTS & SEEDS – Keep these to about 100 calories.  I used to have a hard time judging the amount – now, Blue Diamond packages them in a cute little foil packet for 100 calories.  Life is good!

What little tweaks do you use to fight weariness?  I ‘d LOVE to know:)



xoxo, Rosanna
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