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Evidently, those lovely pink Flamingos know what they’re doing.

Standing all day on ONE leg.  What are they doing?

Well, a recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows in a study of adults between 51 and 75 who were asked to stand on one leg for 10 seconds….

20% failed.

In a study 7 years later of that same group, 84% failed.


BOTTOM LINE:  This pose is key because it’s something we do every time we use stairs or step out of our cars.  Remember, falling is the LEADING CAUSE of injury-related deaths once we cross the old “65” line.

Try the Flamingo Test and see if you can stand for 10 seconds on one leg with arms at your side.  If not, practice!  Put a little bit of time in every day trying to stand on one leg.

Walk or jog:  This strengthens your core and your legs.  Both help with balance.

Bike:  If you can, biking is even more effective at gaining balance according to Harvard Medical School.

Tai Chi:  This would drive me nuts….not exactly the slow-movement kind of gal…..but, it’s excellent for balance.  You can find these groups or classes in parks during summer or at your local gym.  Just ask.

What do you do to keep your balance sharp?


xoxo, Rosanna
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