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REMEMBER that great song?

“Leavin’ n a jet plane”.

Well, July is shaping up to be the perfect time to take flight AND I’ve got some super easy fun tips for “interesting” containers when you travel.

We’ve all heard that you should try and pack some healthy goodies to eat in flight.  Airline food is notoriously salty and high fat.  A little “prepping” goes a long way in keeping your tummy full and your hand out of the snack basket when it comes down the aisle.

So, before we get to the “how do I take this along”?  Some quick, easy low-carb snacks to eat BEFORE you leave for the airport:

Hardboiled eggs

Cooked bacon

Reheated egg muffins

Plain Greek Yogurt with berries and nuts.

Babybel cheese

Now, for the good stuff – containers you may not have thought of using!

You can always pack snacks in their original packaging OR, you can get tricky …

Soap Case – for butter or MCT

4 oz leak-proof bottle – olive oil

Squeezable 3 oz Go Toob – Nut butter and mayo

Medium GoToob – cream cheese, dips, nuts

Toothbrush Case – Bacon

Chilled Bento Box – veggies, cheese, dip

Chilled Salad Shaker

TIP of the year:  I always pop my containers into a large zip-lock baggie for extra protection against leaks!

Keep Wandering…..Stay Safe!

xoxo, Rosanna
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