ALMOST by accident…

You look at your Social Media and see gazillions of weight-loss ad/stories.

We all know keeping our weight at a healthy point (each one of us is different so, NO comparing:)

But, how often do we think about weight-loss as it relates to your cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, cancer risk or other issues?

Did you know that your weight loss also affects your brain?

Research shows that obesity can raise the risk of cognitive problems for our children?

Does the research mean that you must be “skinny or lean” to be smart?  NO.  And, it doesn’t come with shaming either.

Here is what may be happening if you are losing excess weight:

During weight loss, your brain goes into sabotage mode.  It may tell you to stop and get those cookies on your way home.  Studies show that those who lost just 10% of their body weight had lower LEPTIN.  LEPTIN is your “I’m full” hormone.  When you loose weight, your body sends out less leptin making you think you want to keep eating.

QUICK FIX:  Get more ZZZZ’s.

You may get a “huge cranium” or fat head.  Studies (Loughborough University in England)show that excess body fat may lower brain volume, which could cause cognitive issues as you age.

QUICK FIX:  Cardio exercise.  According to NASM cardio has been linked to more brain volume, especially from high-intensity activity.

Your brain gets a “refresh” when you lose weight.  In a small study of women who’d undergone bariatric surgery, researchers found patients fared better on function testing than before surgery.  The women in the study also metabolized sugar at a higher rate.


TAKEAWAY:  Losing weight affects every aspect of your life, how you think, remember and process information.


xoxo, Rosanna
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