I am the biggest believer that your “number” does NOT define you.

And, I also believe that we are all responsible for doing our own research – on anything and everything!

So, when “little things” began to occur over the past couple of years, I began chatting with friends and scouring articles in search of answers or fixes.

It took hours of frustration, reading, lab work, more reading, more frustration …

I was NOT feeling like myself.

Easy, right?  Tell your physician or medical professional or specialist how you’re feeling and arrive at a diagnosis and fix.

Well, that’s just NOT reality.  And, it needs to change my friends.

Pour some coffee and let’s chat.  It’s a long and very frustrating story.  I’m going to break it into a few blogs cuz I know someone else out there has been quietly going through he VERY.SAME.THING.

I’m a fairly optimistic gal … so, I began this journey thinking – I can handle this…

Let me share what I know now.

I had always acknowledged that both my maternal grandmother and my mother had Thyroid issues.  A HUGE clue for medical professionals, I should think, right?

I was feeling:

Extreme fatigue – tired after a good night’s sleep – sluggish to the point of sitting perfectly still … REALLY out of character for me who’s always moved at the speed of light and felt that, like a shark, if I stopped moving – I would stop breathing:). It sounded funnier before all of this started.

Constantly Cold – Not just during long days of skiing – but, sitting in the house or car.  I had creepy freezing hands and feet pretty much at all times.

Weight Gain – I eat pretty well 80% of the time.  But, I was putting on a few pounds where I’d not had them before. And, not losing them easily in spite of gym time or running.

Losing Hair – I began to notice my super thick hair (the bane of my hairdresser who accused me of causing his carpal tunnel issue – he felt the time he had to round brush and blow dry my locks would require he have surgery at some point) was falling out – not to the point of baldness but, noticeable.

Mood Changes –  I’ve always been known for my sunny disposition.  I began to notice some dips in that positivity… no bodies in the driveway but, not feeling as consistently happy.

As you can see, I’m fairly articulate when it comes to laying out my symptoms.

And, my physician took copious notes and nodded at appropriate times during my rant.  I felt confident that blood work would be ordered and my issues/concerns would be addressed.  We would, together, come up with some answers that involved a game plan.

When I finished, she looked at me and said, “Rosanna, you are over 60.  And, you have both a parent to care for – children and you’re a Nana.  It’s time to slow way down and realize these are common issues.  You are doing too much and not resting enough.  You know, I sometimes write a prescription for some sort of anti-depressant to help with this….would you like one?”

I realize you may not know me personally – but, this kind of response was just unacceptable.  The whole “you are not 25 anymore….sit back and rest” thing was NOT flying with me.  I did NOT see this physician again.  And, the search for wellness began…

I’m proud to say there was NO TV coverage of any sort of “she just went postal” on our office … trust me, it was close.

This is the beginning of my journey.  I will finish this installment with a fact for consideration.

“An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.  Up to 80% of those are either unaware of their condition or, it has been misdiagnosed.”  The largesse of these patients are women.

I hope something in this little series will be of help to you if you know something is wrong but cannot get the medical help you need to feel better.


xo, Rosanna


xoxo, Rosanna
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