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This roller-coaster ride is how I remember the HypoThyroid experience.  I’m hoping my experience helps you improve your experience:)

Ok, I left you with some pretty staggering stats when last we spoke.

If you are among those of us who are attempting to navigate the whole “thyroid” thing & the medical field, I’ve got you!

Let’s move on….

The first part of the journey sucked up most of 2 years.  I saw several PCPs – a couple of Specialists (Endocrinologists) and, a couple of Naturopaths.

Every. Single. Time. I would have labs done (I looked like a junky for most of this time I’d had so much blood drawn…) I’d hear the same words.   “You are within normal range.”  Nothing to do at this time.

Well, you can pretty  much imagine my face when told this year after year….

Again, pretty proud of myself for not setting fire to those medical practices!

I was at the gym for untold hours …. eating nothing….still having issues with weight gain.  But, being told within NORMAL RANGE.

Around this time I began to explore going back to school for Nutrition and Healthy Aging Studies.  I’d always been intrigued with both but also wanted some answers and was hoping to learn something to help with my own issues.

I began to read EVERYTHING I could on female health over 50.

If you could see the stacks and stacks of books on hormone health, nutrition and metabolism – I need a new wing to house them:) heehee

Here are a couple of tips I can share with you after this stage:

  1. KNOW your numbers.  Learn what normal ranges are and where you fall within them.
  2. LEARN everything you can about your family history. ESPECIALLY if Thyroid is an factor.
  3. RESEARCH your symptoms and make notes about what to ask your medical provider.
  4. KEEP asking questions if you are not happy with answers you are given.
  5. BE your own advocate.  Don’t settle for “it’s within normal range”!!!!!

What I now know is that “NORMAL RANGE” is as wide as Texas.  Everyone is different – what works for you will not work for someone else.  TELL your medical provider how YOU fell.  And keep telling them.  If they don’t listen – fire them and find someone else.

The reality of life is – as impressive as those white coats are – those docs work for us and their job is to listen and treat.  Trust me, the Good Doctor here at home agrees.  If your medical professional  is NOT listening – see someone else.

And, I did just that….I called friends and family and got several referrals and began to interview new docs.  You have that right.  Interviewed.  And, I was pretty open about the fact that I was looking for a doc that would LISTEN.  Don’t feel like crap and accept the old “it’s within normal range”.  You are NOT a “normal range” kinda gal.  Get what you need.

I hope this help motivate just one person dealing with this issue.  On the next installment – my new medical professional and what they just knew would work!


xoxo, Rosanna
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