IS IT JUST ME… or is that sort of funny?

So, as you know by now, I’ve been dealing with thyroid issues.  Specifically Hypothyroidism.

I wanted to share some research I recently read and thought it might help someone out there.  I know it was of use to me.

If you’ve followed my story (two parts so far and more to come), you know that getting this particular illness diagnosed properly is quite a feat.

Some of the more prominent symptoms mimic signs of aging metabolism or lack of discipline in eating.  The most recognizable: stubborn weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and thinning hair and nails.  But, they are really signs of a slow thyroid.  You may have been told “you are within NORMAL range” after you’ve had blood work done at the lab.

A recent study at Emory University reveals you may be suffering from “hepatic hypothyroidism” which has become 10 times more common than plain hypothyroidism in the several years.  There IS a relatively quick & easy way to correct this issue…but first, let’s look at causes so you can discuss with your medical professional during your next visit.

Did you know that your liver has the surprising role of sending/activating the hormones our thyroid pumps out?  And, if your liver is too inflamed or busy dealing with processed foods, it won’t send those hormones to your thyroid regardless of how healthy your thyroid may be!  This condition is sometimes referred to as “fatty liver” and is not always the result of too much alcohol or sugar.  When this happens, we need to give our liver a break and get things back on track.

To make this easy, simply focus on protein and veggies.  Simple, right?


Sugar (as much as possible), high-fructose corn syrup, highly processed starchy foods and saturated fat (this one is confusing at times).  What is the reasoning?

When our bodies can’t burn off our foods, the liver must turn those left-overs into fat.  That fat is supposed to be sent off to fat cells but, instead gets trapped in the liver.  Hence the term “fatty liver”.

A recent German Study reveals that when your liver is functioning at optimal levels, it burns fat 16 times faster than a “fatty liver”.

Here is a quick little soup you can make to help clean your liver and keep you full:

Cook 1 boneless chicken breast in 5-6 cups of broth.  Remove/shred meat; return to pot with 1-2 bags of frozen veggies (I LOVE using frozen veggies…SO easy and fast) and 15 oz of your fave beans.  Season well and simmer.

Makes 3 servings.

Stay healthy!!

xo  Rosanna


xoxo, Rosanna
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