As you can see by my “stories” on Instagram today, I’m on a bit of a rant about FIBER.

It is probably THE most important component of a healthy diet.

I know, you thought it would be “veggies” or “lean meats”, right?

Its fiber.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my studies, it’s that the more fiber WILL give you a healthier gut.

Now, I know its not glamorous.

Back in the hunter-gatherer days people racked up 200 g of fiber PER DAY – now most are lucky to hit 15 g a day.

As you may recall, most gut bacteria live in the distal colon, the very last stop in the intestines.  Its crucial that we get our food there…most of the nutrients we eat – namely, protein, carbs and fats get digested BEFORE reach the distal colon.  Our friend, FIBER, on the other hand does not digest prior to reaching that point making it the perfect food for our bacteria.

Why is it important to feed that particular bacteria?  Its because they create SFAs (short chain fatty acids) that signal more regulatory T cells, which help prevent autoimmune and allergy illnesses.

What can you eat to further encourage this healthy sequence of bacteria growth?


Yams / potatoes / ginger / leeks / fibrous parts of fruits and veggies (skin) / Legumes and beans / Prebiotic Supplement

Fermented Foods:

Sauerkraut / Kimchi / Miso / Natto / Tempeh

Beer doesn’t count … sorry in advance.

Do YOU eat any of these foods in your current diet?  Have you taken or tried Probiotics or Probiotics as a supplement?

xoxo, Rosanna
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