So, you gave in and had a mini candy bar … or that glass of wine after answering the door 1000 times last night.

No worries.

Lots of ways to walk off that intake.  NO guilt.  Just solutions.

Here are some thoughts:

9 minutes of jumping jacks = 1 Peppermint Patty

7 minutes of jogging = 1 peanut butter cup or 1 glass of red wine (notice how I got right on the “wine” thing:)

20 minutes of HIIT = 19 pieces of candy corn

10 minutes of jumping rope = 1 mini Snickers, Milky Way or Hershey Chocolate Bar

20 minutes of circuit training = 1 fun sized Sour Patch Kids candy

20 minutes of stair climbing = 2 fun sized bars of TWIX

Not the end of the world.  Candy is fine every once in a while and in moderation.  Hope you smiled all the way through your treats!  Just walk it off.





xoxo, Rosanna
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