It’s Women’s History Month and as a nod we wanted to share the importance of empowering women everywhere to take control of their health.

Last year, there were numerous surveys taken by women’s groups/organizations on the state of Women’s Health Care in America.

Results indicated that more than half of the women surveyed are VERY concerned about their nutrition as it relates to their energy, mood, and sleep.

74% of women are worried about getting the nutrients they need from the foods they eat.

78% of women said that they TYPE of food they ate impacted their energy level.

Other concerns in the survey indicate that the #1 health concern among women today is mental health, followed by energy, weight, body image, and mood.

So, we’re going to share some tips you can use today to improve in all of those areas!

Everyone (hoping) at this point knows that food is how you fuel your body.  But what you eat and when you eat can have a serious impact on your energy level.  So, if you notice you feel tired or sluggish or want to even out those highs/lows you’ve been feeling, try these simple tips:

Kick off with BREAKFAST.  I know….sometimes I just don’t feel like eating when I get up.  But, if we aim for 30 g of protein for our first meal – we can count of lasting energy for the entire day!  Try eggs and avocado or a bagel and egg sandwich using Royo Bagels (use code “rosanna10” to save 10%).  Blend up a green shake with chia seeds and nut butter.

Choose COMPLEX CARBS.  Carbs give us energy.  They do not cause weight gain and will not make us fat.  Do NOT cut these out of your diet.  The reason complex carbs are so great – part of our energy levels are dictated by our blood sugar.  Complex Carbs are made up of lots of sugars combined together so they take longer to breakdown.  This provides more lasting energy.

Find LOW SUGAR ALTERNATIVES:  High-sugar food and drinks often lead to a big energy crash and hunger. Trade your soda for sparkling water or fruit.  See how different you feel after just one week of low sugar.

PROTEIN:  By now, you know I’m a HUGE fan of protein (especially as we age).  It’s not your main source of energy, but it’s still important for preventing fatigue.  Protein has many functions in the body: it makes up the enzymes used in metabolism and it’s used to repair tissues, both are crucial to your energy level.  If you don’t get enough protein, your body’s processes may be slowed down, which explains why your have low energy or struggle with sluggishness.  Shoot high and get 30 g of protein in each meal.

Don’t fear the FATS:  Healthy fats are good for you!  If, after adding protein you still lack energy, try adding healthy fat to your meals.  Think avocado, nuts, olive oil, or hummus.  Often, women don’t eat enough fat due to the old, out-of-date advise that eating fats make you fat.  Let’s bust out of that old mindset and fuel our bodies with healthy fats!

I hope this has been helpful in maximizing your foods for a more healthy, mentally fit lifestyle.

Stay with us as we bring you more great information and hacks for higher energy, better mental health and sounder sleep.

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xoxo, Rosanna
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