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I LOVE hacks and tips!

Anything to give me an extra minute is fabulous.

Sooooo, when someone told me (I think it was JuleB) that I could just line a pan with parchment and roast FROZEN VEGGIES for dinner.  I could barely contain myself!  PURE excitement.

But what, if any are the actual benefits of using frozen fruits and veggies in our everyday cooking?

If ya know me – I MUST find science-backed research to support every.little.thing.  SO IMPORTANT SINCE THERE IS SO MUCH INCORRECT INFO ON THE INTERNET, RIGHT?

So, here it is:

According to Dr. Lyle Pfaffenbach of Oregon University, the more colored frozen veggies and fruits you can add to your daily meals – the better.  And, since the fruit/veggies are flash frozen they may actually be more nutritious than their fresh cousins:)

Especially true for Smoothie fans who often heap greens on top of their favorite fruits to bulk up their smoothie when running farther or anticipating a tough lifting session.  The drawback to these “liquid” meals is that they are often less than optimal in keeping you feeling full with tough or extended workouts.  You may burn them off more quickly and feel hungry.

Okay, NOT frozen food….but FROZEN nonetheless….three layers of long unders!


When shopping for frozen meals rather than components, pay careful attention to the labels.  Know what your macro numbers are and be sure to stay within them.  Peek at the SODIUM.  This can be super high and consume more than a day of your salt allocation to stay healthy. Veer away from High-fructose sugar or fillers.  Look for Gluten-free / Sugar Free / Organic.

Remember all nutrients will be shown as “grams”.  Have your converter/iPhone app ready.  Drink lots of water and keep moving!

Stay Healthy Friends,


xoxo, Rosanna
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