WE’VE  all heard the phrase ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN.

Is that true?

It takes BOTH nutrition and exercise to highlight those abs.

But, we can speed things up a bit by choosing to cut waaayyyy back on sugar and simple carbs.

Here are some ideas for healthy eating while you carve out those beautiful strong ab muscles:

  1.  Whole grains and healthy fats – think nuts, avocados and seeds.  These foods will help diminish visceral fat around your organs.
  2. Lean proteins – eggs, tofu & plant-based protein powders.  Protein fuels muscle growth/building and helps keep you full.
  3. Add berries and greens – blueberries are fiber-rich and help fight belly fat.

Create smoothies or egg dishes and see how many of these items you can use in each meal.  Be sure to prioritize protein and fill in carefully with complex carbs.

Enjoy those strong, new abs!

Try this for breakfast:

3 T Chia Seeds

3.5 oz Almond Milk – Unsweetened

Mix and blend together and place in fridge overnight (or, for at least an hour)

When ready to eat:

Add in…

2 scoops T_Factor 20/20 powder in Chocolate

1 scoop Collagen

1 T Nut butter

Gently blend until all ingredients are mixed in.  Add berries if you have them.


Enjoy and let me know what you think!

xoxo, Rosanna
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