Remember the tan goggle face?

If you were really on top of things, you attempted to “even out” this look with some sort of orangey self-tanner.

It usually ended up all over your favorite ski sweater or wind shirt, right?  And, it was clearly NOT what we have today…everyone could spot the slight jaundice a mile away.

It was fun and we all lived to tell the story:)

The true difference was that with Spring skiing, the weather is kinder….not “negative” numbers to endure for that first chair.  It’s warmer.  It’s just more fun.

So, I thought I’d share some Spring ski tips and thoughts just in case you are doing what I’m doing this weekend.  Skiing.  And, hoping the storms keep on coming for another month.

The first rule of skiing in general – take care of your feet.  Boots have come a long way – you can have orthotics and custom liners put into your boots.  Soloman makes a self-heated boot that keeps my feet at a sunny 73 every. single.day.

Try to get an accurate read on the weather.  I know….impossible.  Get as close as you can.  If possible, layer and have a locker or spot where you can shed layers as the sun heats up.

Sun screen (even when its cloudy) is mandatory.  Re-apply every few hours.  I take a “stick” along so I can swipe it on when riding the chair lift.  Also plan on chapstick (I love the Peppermint) or some sort of lip gloss to protect your lips from chapping.

Take water and a bit of protein.  I know it sounds like a hassle. But, we take small bottles of water and maybe an ugh another 4 – 5 runs when you begin to tire.  A few sips of water and an EPIC Venison Stick and we are ready to go.

Sunnies are another huge MUST!  And, good goggles with appropriate lenses (dark for sun and pink/rose or yellow for clouds).  Invest in a good pair.  Your eyes will thank you for it.  The whole “snow blindness” is a thing.  And, although I’ve never experienced it – I’ve watched quite a few friends go through it.

Cruise the resort sites for deals on late season skiing.  Score deals on hotels and restaurants.  Lots of ski clothing sales begin on the first day of Spring.

Plan your day.  This sounds SO weird, but first chair for us in Spring is 9:30 am.  The early snow is icy and unyielding.  I’ve had more friends break something slipping in lift lines!  Let the sun warm and soften the snow.  And, be aware that getting back down to the base may an “all swim” slushy mess.  Ski / Walk carefully.

Most resorts today have GPS apps that can track where you ski.  Sounds invasive, but if you happen to go off piste….it could save your life. (We use EPIC & ICON)

If you feel like your legs are tired. STOP.  Pushing it can result in an early end to your season!  Better to ski another day than to push it and be sorry.

One of the sheer pleasures of Spring skiing is the apres option of sitting on the deck or patio in the late afternoon sun and enjoying the people watching.

Whatever you do – have fun.  Such a great way to spend the day outside.


My fabulous ski suits are @upwearandsuits – Anastasia is a boss babe, mother to two young children AND running her business during the awful  mess in the Ukraine.

Soloman Self-Heating Boots




xoxo, Rosanna
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