I want to be totally transparent.

I am NOT a camper.  Dr. T shares this trait.

If it doesn’t have room service, it’s camping.

Okay, now that we’ve taken that in…a few weeks ago,  we decided to take a “leaf peeping” east coast trip.  As an extra fun add-on…we could actually go to two grandie football games!  Who doesn’t love that?!

So, we flew into Boston and began our adventure.

One of the destinations – UNDER CANVAS ACADIA.

I know what you’re thinking. Given the fact that neither Dr. T or Rosanna are campers, why?

Cannot explain it…we just did it.

Getting to this spot takes a bit of good lighting and eagle eye shot gun.  The drive to the registration tent is a series of parking areas.  But, once you arrive at the tent the view is spectacular!


I want to begin by saying that the staff at Under Canvas is uber friendly and it seems that EVERY one of them LOVES this concept.

Under Canvas is paid prior to your arrival so no big tedious mess there…but, in spite of the convenience of doing everything online…they share that your “staying” is contingent upon signing their “Release of Liability” form.  Spoiler Alert: NO WIGGLE ROOM.  You are further told that although they operate as a “hotel” they are a “campground”.  VISITOR FEEDBACK: We asked why this document was not online for review.  We got a shrug.

Now, the real fun begins.

Your staff person takes you to a wooden display board in the entryway.  There are basically 4 things on the board.

A long chain with a handle – this is your shower control.  You must pull it to get water and, to keep it on.  It may take a moment or two for warm water to kick in:) Be sure you have a partner to hold it while you rinse shampoo out of your hair.

A small plastic acorn-shaped lantern – this is to light your bathroom area.

Two larger plastic lanterns – this is your tent lighting.

And, you should have a “battery pack” in your tent.  This charges all of the above-mentioned items.  There is NO wifi or TV at these camps.  The main tent is PACKED EVERY morning with those of us racing to get a charging plug into the walls.

I can tell you our staff person took one look at our faces and told us he would come to the tent and light our initial fire.  Yes, you do have a small fire “thingy” in your tent.  Key word is small.

The firewood and starter kits are provided by staff and left on your porch.  NO, they did not offer us a blow torch like the one our staff guy had to light our fire.  VERY DISAPPOINTING.



I know…it’s camper PARADISE, right?

It is CUTE.  And, I give extra points for the “Stargazer” tent option.  It has an overhead dome above your bed so you can see stars at night.  The Stargazer tents are a bit more expensive.  And, at this site there is only ONE by the water.  I tried to talk the Newlyweds into a trade but….NO dice.

Once inside, our staff gave us a lesson on lighting the fire – again, he has a blow torch.  Enough said.


Although the site claimed to have “elegant designer sheets”, we did not find that to be the case.  But, the sheets were nice and there were two blankets as well.


Its 45 minutes away from Acadia National Park – that is without traffic.

You have a small fireplace thingy.  Unless you stay awake all night you awake to a FREEZING tent to start a fire so you can start your day.  I would encourage you to sleep in sweats if its Fall  time.

There is NO food or coffee in your tent.  Our tent was about a 1-2 block walk to main tent for coffee and food.

Although the tents look secure – there are NO safes in the tent.  You simply zip and go. 

We had flying things in our tent the size of a small Lear Jet.  Upon inspection, there were quite a few spots where tent is loose and things can get in……

Overall, we had quite an adventure here.  Honestly, we would NOT go again. But, in all fairness – we are NOT campers. 

I do want to share that I think their MARKETING is absolutely amazing.  Total hats off to whomever is in charge.

Have YOU gone to one of these camps?



xoxo, Rosanna
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