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How Top Performing Women Recharge Their Energy

  For women with “world takeover” ambitions, there is no shortage of advice for how to reach the top. By learning to lean in, speak out, negotiate, delegate, and a dozen other behaviors, women everywhere are launching themselves through the glass ceilings of their organizations, landing jobs at or near the C-suite level. But what…

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Gym Anxiety

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually the only person over 35 in the gym.  I’ve always worked out, skied, run, played tennis and golf…..but there is nothing as intimidating as walking into the gym to lift weights.  It’s not just a rumor…’s downright scary.   Most of us feel this way, am I right…

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7 Small Things That Steal Your Happiness

Happiness. It’s THE most talked about topic on the planet! It’s something different for each of us. It might be reading a great book on a rainy/snowy day in front of the fireplace, or slaying your work day or workout. Happiness is a feeling – happiness is a decision. I think happiness is something we…

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