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3 Areas To Raise Your Standards

  If you raise your standards in these 3 areas, you will dramatically improve your life:    Health.  I think we’ve all said, “This is going to be the year I get in the best health of my life”?  If not, this is the year to do it.  Improve your health and becoming happier and…

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Help Get Your Kids Back To School…..Dealing With Exhaustion

  HELP YOUR KIDS GET THROUGH “BACK TO SCHOOL” EXHAUSTION Contributed by: Hillary Cospen Parents quickly learn this equation every school year: New ideas + new skills + new routines = a tired and cranky child. My oldest son was so exhausted every day after his first week of preschool last month that I thought…

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Time To Get Serious! (aka….possible death)

Okay, so…..too much summer travel…..loosely translated….waaaayyy too much food and drink.  So, I’m working with this genetically perfect trainer (JWM Fitness – Judy) to try and reign it in a bit.  I’ve had a few trainers in my time (112 years and counting) and, loved her cute personality, killer Brit accent and incredible knowledge base….

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Starting a New Business?

Whether you need motivation for your business, to get on your health game, or to just live a better life all around, we have the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. Check out our most recent blog post written by Business Coach, Jessica Bodin, “Why Cleansing Helps Your Business (& How To Do It!)” Excerpt:  If…

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When In Boston

It’s truly hot and humid on the East Coast this week.  But, couldn’t resist trying one of the jogging routes the Eliot has outlined.  This one is 4 miles.  If you are truly motivated (and had awesome wine and great food last night…..), the 8.5 version may be for you!  heehee……note:  I DID have the…

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7 Hacks to help you get to your morning workout

The best way to never miss a workout is to cross it off your list first thing of day — so easy, right? Wrong! Some early birds have no problem with this, but for many of us waking up and working out is quite a challenge. We love our sleep; we love our snooze buttons….

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Arnold Palmer’s 10 Etiquette Rules for Golf

Our Club, Columbine Country Club in Littleton Colorado, recently sent us a copy of Arnold Palmer’s 10 Etiquette Rules for Golf.  As usual, Mr. Palmer is right on the mark.  I do know that I break a few of these on occasion but I am always striving to make it a fun time for all…

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