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Whole 30

Newest Addiction from Paris

French women are legendary for their style and wellness savvy.  It’s so true! We visited Paris in June this year as a part of our Family Trip.  It was HOT!  Not just in Paris but literally all of Europe was on fire with record-breaking temperatures.  The theme of our trip should have been “Sweaty Bangs”. …

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Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter

  The Great Nut Butter Debate There are many things that I find perplexing – is it safe to swim right after eating, should I run with scissors, is there life outside our universe, is almond butter better than peanut butter for losing fat? A recent article by Cristina Powell was helpful in answering the…

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Protein – How much do you REALLY need?

I was in the market the other day and happened to walk down the “nutrition” aisle.  I was amazed by the sheer number of choices for Protein Powder.  Then, there were those fabulous candy-bar like protein bars….some have more than 12 grams of sugar!!!  Since when did that get healthy??!  Nonetheless, we are being bombarded…

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Caffeine On Steroids

I try to eat a balanced, low fat/low carb diet.  That being said, I am obsessed with my morning coffee. PERIOD. Non-negotiable… giving it up…..MUST have it.  No matter where in the world I might be……. I recently began using an app that measures my protein/carbs and macros.  I was over my allocation of fat…

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